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About Eagle Realty in the Eagle, Idaho Area

Eagle Realty, the leading real estate agency in Eagle, Idaho, was founded by Shawn Pittman, a licensed real estate broker, more than 19 years ago. Here at Eagle Realty, we are committed to offering first class service to each of our clients with their home buying and selling needs. Your search for an exceptional Eagle, Idaho, realtor is over. We're right here!
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1. Communication
We believe that having regular connections with our clients is essential to our clients' satisfaction and our own success. Buying or selling real estate is a big deal! It's a major personal investment. We do our best to de-stress our clients and walk alongside every step by encouraging questions, staying responsive, and being proactive by reaching out as soon as we have information to share.
2. Industry Knowledge
The real estate industry is detailed–contracts, home appraisals, inspections, deadlines, etc., not to mention that statutes are always changing. We feel the best way to help our clients experience a smooth real estate deal is to be on top of our professional game. That way you know that, not only are we always on your side, but we're more than capable of getting you the legally sound, well-executed contract you need. Working full-time in this business (This is our bread and butter!) while continuously staying curious and educated helps us help you more efficiently.
3. Exceptional Client Service
We are big believers in going above and beyond, but we can't exceed expectations when we don't understand; so our first goal is to listen intently to what our clients need and want in a licensed realtor. Then, we do our best to deliver that and more, whether that means moving faster, negotiating harder for a better price, or getting creative with a home search until we find exactly the right house for them. If you want the word of some of our previous clients to back-up what we've said, you can see our Testimonials Page to read their own words.
If an honest real estate firm dedicated to communication, industry knowledge, and exceptional client service sounds like what you're looking for, then Eagle Realty is here for you. Check out the Our Agents Page to learn more about the outstanding people you can work with for a positive, professional, precise experience in real estate.


If you are interested in selling a home or homes for sale in or around Eagle, ID, including Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Kuna, and more, give us a call at (208) 921-7836 or contact us here to get started. We look forward to hearing from you!
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